October 9, 2014

Baby Girl--38 weeks + Maternity Photos

First of all, thank you so much for all of your encouraging words regarding my last post. My in laws are doing great. My mother in law had surgery and we are praising God that they found that the cancer has not spread to her lymph-nodes. We are just waiting to hear about radiation/chemo options and needs. So thank you for the prayers--our family is very grateful. 
Weeks: 38 weeks
Weight gain: 35 lbs.
Baby's size: About 7 pounds and 19 inches.
Maternity Clothes: Yes--thanks to friends I have a few more borrowed items so I'm not just wearing the same yoga pants every day.
Best moment this week: A few things! We got around to taking some Maternity photos and it feels so good to have this time in our lives documented. Thank you to our friend Emily for taking them! I have been getting her nursery set up a bit more and it is coming along. My mom and sister visited this past weekend and it was so much fun having them. I always laugh so hard around my family. My stomach was sore and I was crying from laughing multiple times. It felt great :)
Worst moment this week: Just getting more and more uncomfortable. Really nothing to complain about--just the typical "I have a huge ball in front me and I can't quite breathe normally". 
Food cravings: Bagels. I've indulged a few too many times already this week! It doesn't help that Brody likes them too and now seems to associate them with "running errands". :)
Food aversions: Nope. Nada. Nilch.
Missing anything: A good night's sleep. But I don't plan on being reacquainted with that anytime soon! And I am very much so looking forward to spending some one on one time with my girl in the middle of the night. 

Here is a peak at our Maternity Photos. Thanks again to Emily for enduring the heat with us and taking these photos that I will cherish forever!
I absolutely love Brody's face in this next photo. 
 I love this photo--Travis is such a sweet, caring daddy and I can't wait to see him with his little girl.
 And we took a few photos of this big brother-to-be looking oh so dapper. 
I am officially in the home stretch and could meet our baby girl any day now! Doctors appts have been going great and we are just waiting now. 

Thank you for following along this journey with us. It's been fun and we look forward to introducing our little girl to you all!

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