August 3, 2014

Chico, CA Birth Photography:: Edwin James the V

I sat in awe of the opportunity to photograph this birth the entire evening. Along with Eddie's mom, I teetered on the rope of being a quiet, still presence and speaking out to tell Devon just how strong she was and to talk about the contractions, fear, joy, etc. Thank you for allowing me to be in your lives in such an incredibly momentous time. I have known these (now) parents for quite some time and getting to witness their son's arrival made me see even more just how great of a team they are. 

Devon, you are so strong and courageous. 

Eddie, you are such a sincere and secure husband and father. 

July 26th 2014 

 This happened a few times throughout the evening--where Eddie would somehow get Devon to laugh or smile amidst the intense labor she was working through. It brought me to tears.
Love this embrace between Eddie and his mom. 
Baby Edwin James V(the fifth), welcome to this world! You are so handsome and loved by many, many people. Congratulations to this family!!!

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  1. Thank You! Your images captured Devon's Labor and the birth of my first Grandson's birth in such a beautiful candidly elegant way. I was'nt able to be there on this most precious night, but now I feel as if I have experienced it through your art. I'm so grateful! Again, thank you for this gift!