February 18, 2014

Sacramento, CA Newborn Photography:: Baby Kayden

I told John and Kimberly how much they looked like naturals when I walked into their house and they were caring for Kayden. They laughed at the idea of being naturals, as most new parents do--But it is true. This new mom and dad are doing such a great job taking care of their son. 

Here is a little look into my time spent with the Crain family. Congratulations! Your family is so beautiful and I'm grateful to be invited into your lives!
 I love this photo! 
 Kayden cooperated just in time to get a few sweet photos. I loved my time with him!
One more BIG congratulations to this new family of three! I have been so blessed to get to photograph some pretty exciting times in your lives! Thank you:)


  1. Love these beautiful pictures of the Crain Family.....Especially the one showing John holding Kayden's toes. So special.

  2. This is such a special time in a young family's life... you did a great job capturing the love that Kim and John share with each other and now with Kayden.