January 17, 2013

Broderick::Comfort and Real Life

It is still so surreal to me that I am a mom. When I talk to friends of mine who have kids, they say the same thing--that it takes a while to understand that this baby is really mine.

One thing that makes this seem more real to me is when I realize that Broderick finds the most comfort in my arms. My arms. That amazes me. I pray that this is not always the case--that he will, at a young age, find the most comfort in his Savior. But for now, it brings me so much joy. 
He falls asleep easiest in my arms, his cries calm down quickest in my arms, and his smiles appear fastest in my arms. Well, maybe that last one isn't really true. Brody seems to smile most at his daddy. Which also brings me so much joy.
Side note: I have had a lot of friends ask me if having Brody has been as easy as I am portraying. An honest statement: The good outweighs the bad. In my opinion he has been an easy baby. I was preparing for a tough one--as much as you can. I am tired and sometimes feel overwhelmed with the new responsibilities. I feel like I truly appreciate how great he sleeps. That was my biggest fear because I need about 11 hours to feel rested (which does NOT happen). I will try my best to share the tough moments here as well. Because they are there. They are definitely there. 

Travis and I are figuring out how to make each other a priority. Brody has definitely made that more difficult. But we are working on it and looking forward to finding a normal--work, family, & fun. Right now we are both just LOVING having our little man. I can't count how many times we simply sit in awe of him. We are blessed and joyful people.

Thank you for following our blog. I am absolutely loving getting inquiries for Wedding and Portrait Photography so keep them coming! It makes me giddy when I get emails from you all!

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