December 7, 2011


Travis and I are finally feeling like we are making progress on our house. By 'we', I mean Travis, Me, and countless friends who have been amazing help. 

Here we are in our mess of a living room...
Eric, you rocked at painting our stripes. Travis, you couldn't have taped any straighter of lines:)
The above picture is a little nook off of the dining room/kitchen area. We painted white and beige stripes--it adds some character...I think. We still have some painting to do in that little nook but here is a peek at what it looks like with our little red friend.
 Trav and I have been loving the fireplace. With the flip of a switch, our home is extra cozy and warm.
 Did you notice the awesome spray painted Mason jars? They are my favorite! They were such an easy little craft and I am working hard not to spray paint every Mason jar I can find.
 We bought two of these fun chairs from World Market and love what they add to our living room! 
I also love that our dining room table looks like this right now because we are able to have friends over and fill our home with laughter and people we enjoy! Poker night was a hit--well, I was watching The Help with a girlfriend:)
 Thank you to everyone who has been sharing in our excitement! The cards, flowers, etc. are so thoughtful. We love you all--thank you!
 We have yet to hang a single thing on the walls--still have lots of painting to do. But, there has been some major progress and we couldn't have done it without some giving people. Girlfriends who helped move boxes, clean, organize, & line shelves:)...while the guys moved boxes, beds, and installed microwaves & garage door openers:)

Well, now I am off to finish editing this lovely couple's wedding...
Check back in a few days for their full blog post!

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  1. Such a cute little home and I love the stripes!

  2. love what it is looking like danee!and now i'm going to spray paint some mason jars....

  3. Wow! Your home is beautiful. I am so happy for you guys! You are starting an awesome chapter of your lives. I hope you are doing well <3
    -Karen Brenner