November 27, 2011


We are enjoying making our home, a home. It was perfect timing to get into the house--Thanksgiving was just around the corner and visiting family were just a few days away. Boxes were stuffed in closets while we feasted on turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. 

I definitely did not think that we would be homeowners at this stage of our life. A few days ago Travis and I were driving home and I looked to him and said "We are married did that happen? I feel too young to be a married homeowner!" It is so funny how surreal all of this feels. 

So, this blog will be quiet for a while. We have lots of painting, organizing, and projects to do! Maybe I'll be disciplined enough to take pictures and share some of the projects along the way...

A fun Wedding will be posted within a week or so--keep checking in!

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