May 8, 2011

Weekend in San Diego

This weekend has flown by and I always think we will be able to do more than we actually do. Being here in San Diego makes me think a lot more seriously about living down here. Before I start to go on a tangent of pros and cons, I will share some photos from our trip so far. One thing that we wanted to do while visiting was go to some local coffee shops--hence all of the photos of coffee. Enjoy!
After flying into the San Diego airport, we spent the morning at Tartine, a cafe in Coronado.
Back in Escondido at another local coffee shop that we used to spend some time at in High School.
We had some friends over Friday for Dinner and Poker. Our friend's daughter Sophia was teaching Travis to play Twister.
Our day at Carlsbad Beach. It was a perfect day--minus my hubby's sunburn. How cute is she?!
This coffee shop was so cute. It was in a Victorian House and had a cute Antique shop. 
 Tomorrow is Mother's Day and we will be spending time with family, then flying back up to Chico for our last two weeks of college! It has been a great trip and we have loved every minute of it!
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  1. Looks like such a fun trip! I am so happy you guys got a breath of fresh air before these crazy next two weeks!