June 16, 2010

Small Group Munchkins

We are blessed to have a wonderful Small Group here in Chico. Along with our small group comes beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL, children.
We had a barb-b-q at the Rystrom's home this evening. Travis just purchased a new lens for our Nikon. It is 35 mm f/1.8.

These children are without a doubt gifts from the Lord.

Little Miss V enjoying the pool

Mr J smiling at his daddy

Little Miss P loving her daddy

Little Miss L kicking back

Little Miss V again hanging out with her Momma and soon-to-be baby brother

We love our small group and the lovely children that make our barb-b-qs that much more enjoyable.
Doing a photo shoot with our good friends and their munchkin this Friday!
Will post a sneak peek!
Thanks for following!


  1. Good small groups definitely are a blessings... Your husband took some wonderful pictures! I enjoyed them :) Blessings!

  2. Thanks, Amy. And thanks for the comment. You are our first. So much fun!