May 12, 2010

Just the Two of Us

Am I the only one who wishes we had a third wheel on trips just to take pictures of us? Travis and I have gotten in the habit of taking pictures of each other but rarely trying to get both of us in the same picture. The main problem with this is that you are hoping your at least don't cut off someone's head. It is rare that you can get a centered picture and capture the background well. This summer on our road trip I am going to try to think of creative ways to take pictures of us as a couple. It will make it a little easier that Travis' little sister, Mallory, and her boyfriend, Dominic, will be there. We get to enjoy traveling the Western United States with them for a whole month! Travis just bought a tripod online so we will be able to get shots of all four of us! Here is an example of us trying to be a couple in a photo and ended up being a little too close for comfort.

Photo taken with our Nikon point and shoot in Kauai, HI on our Honeymoon July 2008

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